Bear Icon 2When I found out I was going to become a dad and sought to learn more about what to expect, I found that there weren’t many sites, blogs, or communities that addressed what I was looking for. I wasn’t seeking advice on what to do or not do, I was looking for perspectives that would help me to better understand my unique role and emerging identity as a father.

That is why I started Way to Go Genius. There are countless resources out there that will tell you how to change a diaper. There are many blogs that will tell cute stories about their kids and chronicle their development. Those are all worthwhile things and that is part of what will be shared here. Through those kinds of stories though, I want to address thoughts and perspectives that I think are common but not talked about much:

  • How can I be a good father when I don’t have examples to fall back on from my own dad?
  • How will handle the inevitable screw-ups that come with that?
  • Is my influence on my child unique from mom’s, and is that helpful or important?
  • How does fatherhood and my child change me as a person and change my self-image?

My hope first and foremost is that by writing this blog, I will work out answers to these questions for myself.  Beyond that though, I hope that anybody who might happen to read this can find something they can relate to and use in their own lives.

– Josh